Starlings at sunset

Each evening between October and March thousands of Starlings arrive here in the small town of Aberystwyth, on the Welsh coast. They appear like clockwork at sunset, gathering into larger and larger flocks swirling through the sky, before settling beneath the old Victorian pier where they roost.

I had hoped to get photographs of them forming wonderful shapes and patterns in the sky as they gathered together but unfortunately the elements didn’t quite come together today.

The numbers were less than seen on previous occasions and the flock simply weren’t forming the tight, synchronised murmurations I had hoped to capture.

A mini murmuration

Despite this I was not left too disappointed. A bright, clear day ended in a beautiful sunset, filling the sky with hues of blue and orange providing a superb backdrop on which to capture the starlings’ silhouettes.

A large gathering, but small compared to previous years


Heading home


Sillouettes against the sky

Soon the sun had disappeared below the horizon and the birds descended into the safety of their iron perches, splattered white with faeces from the roosting masses.

Under the iron pier


Inside the roost

IMG_5387-2 (2)

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2016 ©

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