Two’s company

The european robin is known for being a fairly curious & tame. They are known as ‘gardeners friends’, hovering close by waiting for soil to be disturbed so that they can forage for worms with ease. Some robins can even become so trusting as to feed straight from a person’s hand.


Today I had a lovely encounter of my own with one of these birds whilst visiting Plascug ditch. Throughout the morning I couldn’t help feeling I was being watched. I could hear a robin singing in the trees and sure enough there he was on a branch a few feet away, whenever I moved on the sound of birdsong followed.



Each time I paused and looked around this Robin would appear and fly to a nearby branch and watch me curiously. After following for some time eventually he flew down to the ground and hopped around my feet, bravely coming within just a few inches of me.



Coming in for a closer look
Approaching curiously

I kept still and quiet so as not to frighten him off and to my surprise he fluttered up and landed on top of my boot for a few moments before flitting back into the undergrowth. I had my zoom lens on at the time so couldn’t get a photo, so you will have to take my word for it!


Was he defending his territory, looking for food, or simply just curious? Perhaps he was even intrigued by the sound of the camera shutter as I photographed his fellow birds.

Whatever the reason it was a wonderful experience having such close contact with a wild bird. I did attempt to hand feed him some peanuts but that was rather ambitious, I had to do with scattering them on the ground instead.

Tucking in to the nuts

(I refer to the Robin here as “he” however it is virtually impossible to tell the sex of a Robin so he indeed maybe a she!)

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2016 ©

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