Cold feet

With the temperature hovering just a couple of degrees above freezing and clear skies, yesterday we were guaranteed a frosty start. Whilst it wasn’t quite as thick and dazzling a frost as that of a few weeks ago it was nevertheless worth getting up a little earlier with camera in hand.

Rather than focus on the details of the frost itself this time I wanted to capture some images of birds foraging in the frozen grass. Surprisingly this went according to plan (as these things so often don’t), and after some initial hesitation a pair of Carrion Crows and a lone Jackdaw soon appeared to forage on the frozen ground. The crows looked especially impressive, their dark glossy feathers a great contrast against the frosty earth.


The birds seemed to suffer no discomfort from the frozen surface underfoot. I sadly had no such luck, having forgotten to put on a pair of fluffy socks before heading out!

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2017 ©

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