Shall we dance?

With full bellies and the sun warm on their backs the pigeon flock were feeling in a flirtatious mood today, with the males keen to strut their stuff and impress a mate.


During courtship the male birds puff out their neck feathers to look as big and impressive as possible and emphasize the iridescence green and purple patches in their feathers.




Males will pursue a female persistently (whether they show any interest or not!), and when approaching her will utter a soft cooing call and begin to ‘dance’, turning in tight circles with heads bowed.


The males will also drive females away from the other birds by chasing close behind her with tail feathers fanned out.





This individual kept picking up sticks and presenting them to his chosen female, but she remained indifferent to his gift gifting. Despite the males valiant efforts today the females remained stubbornly aloof and did not return their affection.



All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2017 ©

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