In a summer daze

The humble pigeon is far more intelligent than we might give them credit for. Scientific studies have proved that they have a unique ability to recognise human faces, this combined with a superior long term memory enables them to recognise individual people and subsequently, who is friend or foe.

This intelligence is can be demonstrated with this particular flock in Aberystwyth, who I have regularly encountered over the last year. The birds now recognise me immediately, and flock down to greet me and take advantage of a handout of food I will usually bring them.

This close contact and trust allows me to capture some wonderful, close up & detailed images such as those below.


On this particular occasion the flock were incredibly relaxed, with several birds enjoying a spot of sunbathing beside the harbour water. At first I thought this particular pigeon was injured but it soon become clear it was just resting on the slipway as the concrete warmed under the morning sunshine.








All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography  ©

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