Jackdaw juvenile

Today was my first encounter with a charming juvenile Jackdaw who had appeared in the flock who regular patrol the harbour edges for food.

Recently fledged jackdaw


IMG_0801 (2)

It appeared to have fledged very recently and was smaller and more delicately built than the adults, the young also have bright blue eyes (which change to brown and then finally white as the bird ages) and lack the distinct grey nape.


Adult (left) and fledgling (right) for comparison


Fledgling with bright blue eye

Fledglings leave the next after around 30 days but like many birds, continue to be fed by their parents for some time afterwards.

After many unsuccessful attempts I was able to capture some images of the fledgling begging for food. It would follow it’s mother with a loud ‘caw caw’ call and when she had found an appetising piece of food, rush towards her with trembling wings and a wide open gape.

Feed me mum!
Begging calls
Begging behaviour is open accompanied by trembling wings

IMG_2744 (2)

This particular youngster and it’s parent seemed quite content to forage for food just a metre or so from my feet as I quietly watched their interactions. With a little patience I was also able to capture some images of the juvenile being fed by an adult

Open wide



Chick being fed by a parent



All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2017 ©

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