A very close encounter

The Dunnock, or Hedge Sparrow is not in fact a sparrow at all, as it’s name might mislead you to believe. It is a member of a small family of birds known as the accentors which comprises of just 3 species.

The Dunnock is the only species found in the UK and is slightly smaller and slimmer than a house sparrow. It has streaky brown plumage with a grey neck, is pale below with striking reddish/brown eyes.


Overlooked as a rather plain nondescript bird, they are usually found in and around hedgerows where they are seen hopping across the ground, often with flicking wings, as they hunt for their insect prey.

As well as hedgerows and they also inhabit urban areas, including my yard where I captured these photographs a few days ago. Heading out with camera in hand, I very nearly walked right past this Dunnock, as it rested on the garden wall, warming up in the morning sun.


Perhaps reassured that it’s camouflage would keep it safe, it was unmoved from it’s sunny spot as I crept closer, hoping it wouldn’t suddenly turn tail and dart off. Thankfully it stayed out and allowed me to capture the details of the feathers and plumage, revealing a bird much more interesting than at first glance.





All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2018 ©

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