Freshly cut grass

It’s rather fortunate timing that I took the time to capture some images of the wildflowers a few days ago, as stepping outside this morning I was rather saddened to see the grass had all be neatly mowed, and most of the flowers tossed into a bin with the grass cuttings.

Whilst the grassy area was certainly getting very untidy it would be nice to see the council leave at least a small strip untouched, so that the wildflowers can continue to provide a vital habit and food for the tiny creatures such as bees and butterflies that inhabit it.

The ever opportunistic birds however, were quick to benefit from the cropped vegetation, filling their beaks with the worms and insects now within easy reach near the surface.

The Starlings were the first to the feast, squawking and squabbling as they probed the ground feverishly, keen to satisfy their own hunger, and gather as much food as possible to take back to the chicks in their nearby nests.

A beak full of tasty insects
Starling with blue iridescence
Foraging in the flock
Starling with a large earthworm in it’s beak
Starling pair
Starling in beautiful breeding plumage
Male starling

A blackbird, not often seen in this particular area, had also spotted an opportunity for an easy meal. Sadly the confident starlings soon chased him off, eager to keep the feast of worms all to themselves.

Male blackbird

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2018 (C)

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