Plunging temperatures

Yesterday was the coldest night of the year so far. Here on the Welsh coast in Aberystwyth we are protected from much of the coldest weather by a warming breeze coming from the sea, even so last night’s temperatures plunged to well below zero. Beneath a clear cloudless sky the scene was set for a perfect frosty morning, and it did not disappoint!

Having captured some of the close up intricacies and patterns of the frost just a few weeks ago (see post) today I wanted to try a different perspective. Rather than my usual wide angle lens and macro extension tubes, today I stuck to my favourite 70-300 zoom lens, usually favoured for photographing birds.

Whilst it may not be the obvious choice for this subject, by getting down low to the ground and using a wide aperture combined with the long focal length, you can create a really narrow area of focus. This can create some very interesting, dreamy landscape shots and is one of my favourite techniques.

Here is a patch of moss blanketed in frost. The first image was captured with a wide angle lens + macro extensions tubes at a focal length of 55mm.


This image of the same scene were taken with a 300mm telephoto lens.


Unfortunately getting down low often results in a bad back and muddy (or in this case very cold!) knees, but the results are worth a little discomfort.










I was fortunate to have timed my trip out perfectly, before the sun had risen too high in the sky and it’s warmth could begin to thaw the ground. This hour just before and after a sunrise is known as the ‘golden hour’ as it produces a soft, golden light over the landscape, creating some beautiful warm tones.








This is probably one of my favourite shots of the day. I love the contrast between the icy blue tones of winter and the rich golden sunshine.


Want to know more about the location where these photos were taken? Read here.

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2019 ©

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