Love Your Pet Day

Today is National Love Your Pet Day, celebrating the love we have for our furry friends!

What better day then to share some photos of my own pets who are always happy to pose for the camera (with occasional bribery).

Pet day.png

Here is a brief introduction to them all:


Age: 8 years
Likes: Dressing gowns, hunting, basking in the sun
Dislikes: The vet, Rocky

The first feline to become part of our family was Cali, a mixed breed cat with an impressive fluffy coat, black ears tips and piercing green eyes. We believe she may crossed with something like a Siberian Forest cat.

Just look at those eyes!

She is a very vocal and incredibly affectionate girl and has been with us now for just under 8 years. Cali holds a special place in my heart as she came to us during a very difficult time when I was struggling to deal with a new health condition.

1 (326)

Cali also has an independent streak and loves to go outdoors and have a good roll in the grass. Her only flaw is her passion for hunting all things small and feathered!

1 (223)

Cali in the snow last year


Age: 5 years
Likes: FOOD, cardboard boxes, more FOOD
Dislikes: Empty food bowls, exercise

Next up we have Duckie, who came to us as a foster kitten via the Aberystwyth Cats Protection at just a few weeks of age. Having bottle fed this tiny scrap of a kitten we inevitably fell in love, and when the time came to find her a new home we simply couldn’t part with her!


Once a runty little kitten, she has now grown into a rather chunky girl who just loves her food (and everybody else’s). Duckie enjoys home comforts and is very much a house cat, preferring to curl up on your lap rather than venture into the great outdoors.

Playing inside a cardboard box

1 (331)


Age: 4.5 years
Likes: giant tennis balls, feathers, CATS
Dislikes: fireworks, cardboard boxes and strangely our oven extractor fan… also cuddles that aren’t with her!

A few years ago we took the leap and decided to add a dog into the household. Not a fan of pedigree dogs we immediately fell in love with Kaiya, a scruffy little mongrel puppy. Bringing her home we had no idea how she or the cats would react to each other but having come from a home with cats in it, Kaiya was thrilled to find two new feline friends and they were remarkably accepting of her too.

1 (359)
Kaiya and Cali will often play together and Cali even follows us on walks!

Over the years Kaiya has even played foster mum to several litters of orphan kittens, protecting them, cleaning and playing with them with surprising gentleness.

With Ebony a kitten we hand reared a couple of years ago.

She is very bright, incredibly loyal and good natured dog who just loves to have fun. Her favourite activities are rolling around chasing her favourite ball and oddly, collecting moulted swan feathers to bring home!

1 (138)
Rolling in the grass
1 (492)
Sandy beard
1 (279)
Kaiya with a swan feather (no birds were harmed in the making of this photo!)


Age: 18 months
Likes: KAIYA, breaking into cupboards, toy balls
Dislikes: Cuddles from humans

Our final addition saw kitten Rocky join our home, again as a foster via the Cats Protection. Rocky was born with Cerebellar Hypoplasia, a neurological condition which causes him to have a constant tremor slightly uncoordinated movements. Thankfully he is only mildly affected and nothing gets in the way of his fun and mischief!




1 (140)

A shy kitten at first, Rocky immediately latched onto Kaiya as a source of reassurance following her everywhere and curling up to sleep. Within weeks the pair were inseparable and we decided we just couldn’t part with him either. Although he is now much more affectionate with us he still hates to be picked up and cuddled, his real love is still very much for Kaiya!

1 (548)


They may be inseparable but getting a nice photo of them together is still easier said than done!

Want to see more? Why not follow ‘Rocky & Friends’ on instagram for more furry photos!

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2019 ©



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    You may need to rename this Purple Feather. 🙂


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