Light and texture

Autumn for many birds is the season to moult, replacing old worn out feathers after a tough summer of breeding. At this time of year many birds become rather elusive, hiding away whilst they are at this vulnerable stage of life.

Whilst there aren’t a great deal of birds around to photograph at the moment, evidence of them can still be found. Early one morning I came across a blanket of soft white and brown feathers strewn along the water line, washed up during the recent high tide.

A blanket of feathers – not quite enough for a duvet!


I thought this would be a perfect little scene to capture from a different perspective, by getting down low to the ground and using the widest aperture to pick out individual feathers from among the blanket of white.


The early morning light and cool blue tones created some quite pleasing results casting a blue hue over the scene.



All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography ©

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  1. naturebackin says:

    An unusual angle on autumn, birds and feathers!


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