A change of perspective

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ – Wayne Dyer

I don’t very often delve into landscape photography but as any photographer will tell you there is something irresistible about capturing a carpet of fallen autumn leaves.

Rather than go for the traditional landscape composition I opted to use a favourite technique of mine, which is to get down low and capture a ‘bugs eye view’ of the scene instead.

With many insects hibernating in the warmth generated by the decomposing leaves, perhaps this is the view that awaits them in the coming spring?

Bug’s eye view


Stepping out of my comfort zone I did something I almost never do, shooting directly into the sun. By doing so the translucent leaves were illuminated from behind, revealing their intricate structures and emphasising the beautiful golden, yellow and green hues among the shadows.







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All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography ©

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