2019 Memorable Moments

After a hectic week at work I finally have some time to put my feet up and reflect on the previous 12 months. My photography took a somewhat new direction last year, and whilst birds were still been high on the agenda, a new love for macro photography proved to be a great learning curve and new source of inspiration. With my new found enthusiasm came a quite unexpected change of career, but more about that later!

Some of my personal favourites from 2019

My aims for 2020 are to continue to broaden my skills and explore further afield, discovering new places as well as revisiting some of my favourite nature sites.

With new adventures on the horizon, here is a look back on my most memorable moments from the last 12 months:

Meeting the rarest goose in the world

Whilst I clearly love all birds, I do have a particular affection for ducks and geese and so a visit to Llanelli Wetland centre was a real treat. Being surrounding by so many beautiful and incredibly tame ducks was a wonderful experience and it is certainly somewhere I hope to visit again this year. Without a doubt however the highlight of the visit was meeting the gentle Hawaiian geese or nenes, the rarest geese in the world as they fed from our hands!

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Bee happy

Having bought a prime macro lens early in the year I soon discovered a whole new habitat to explore and photograph, and in doing so I have also improved my manual photography skills with many pleasing results.

Bees have featured in a lot of my work from the fascinating behaviour of the leaf-cutter bee to our more familiar bumblebees. I hope to continue to learn more about the world of bees this coming year with the creation of a small bee-friendly wildflower garden – watch this space!

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The wonderful world of butterflies

Towards the end of summer we visited a tiny yet rather unique little place, the Magic of Life Butterfly House where you can walk among (and even feed!) free flying butterflies from all around the world. A few weeks later I stumbled across a job advert to work here and immediately applied, fully expecting to hear nothing further. You can imagine my surprise and elation then a few weeks later when I was offered the job!

Several months on I have now settled into life at the butterfly house and my journey so far has been both reinvigorating and incredibly rewarding. Keep an eye on my blog in the next few days for a post about my new venture!


2019 awards/achievements:

  • Runner up in the Edition Dog Magazine 2020 calendar competition
  • Third tier prize winner in Arden Grange’s annual photo competition
  • 6th place in the Picture Frames Express ‘Horticulture & Nature’ monthly competition
  • Runner up in the Humane Research Trust 2020 calendar competition
  • Photo published in Aberystwyth Ego Magazine
  • Winner of Your Cat Magazine’s ‘Pawtraits’ – August 2019
  • 3rd place in the Picture Frames Express ‘Dogs & Pooches’ monthly competition
  • Photos published in Welsh Bird report 2018-19
  • Finalist in Humane Research Trust Christmas card competition



All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2019 ©

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