Kitten diaries: 3 weeks old

A little over a week ago now, I welcomed a litter of six tiny kittens into my home after they were abandoned by their mother. Volunteering for my local Cats Protection branch I have become the designated orphan kitten mum, looking after some of the youngest and most vulnerable kittens which come through our care.

At just two weeks old these latest arrivals needed round the clock attention and bottle feeding every few hours. Whilst I have looked after many orphans over the years, and some even younger than this, it was going to be a real battle to keep all six alive over the first crucial days. Such young kittens are dependent on their mother for everything at this age, from feeding and toileting to even keeping warm. One tiny little runt, only around half the size of his littermates was a particular concern and I was already mentally preparing myself that he may not survive…

After an anxious couple of days of patiently syringing tiny droplets of milk into their reluctant mouths, one by one the kittens began to adapt and to feed from the bottle and fortunately all were soon suckling away with enthusiasm.

Since then remarkably all six kittens have thrived and they already growing into lovely, affectionate little cats, all with their own unique and endearing personalities.

Even the runt of the litter is doing better than I dared hope for. What she lacks in size she more than makes up for in spirit and doesn’t let her small size stop her from getting to front of the queue for food and cuddles!

The littlest kitten with a big personality!
Odd one out – the only longhair in the little, and also the only male!
The sweetest little monochrome moggie ❤
A perfect little golden girl
The identikits! Definitely double trouble….

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All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2020

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  1. naturebackin says:

    What beautiful kittens wonderfully photographed. Well done on managing to successfully raise all six! All of our three cats (all different ages) were rescued when found abandoned when a few days old and we found hand-rearing just one kitten at a time was exhausting. Sometimes it was touch and go. but happily they all made it and we had advice from supportive vets. I can’t imagine what it must be like raising six, but nice that they have each other for company. Our singleton babies at least had the support of one of our then older cats who, though male, made the most fantastic foster parent even helping with toileting procedures.
    We have also fostered older kittens (already weaned). and I found it quite a discipline to steel myself for finding them homes (letting them go) although it has been good to have been able to help them recover and grow strong and stable and old enough to move on.
    Hats off for doing such fantastic and valuable work for kittens in need.


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