It’s that time of year again…

It was almost a year ago that I stood in this very spot, photographing the annual starling spectacle here in Aberystwyth and what a difference a year can make! Whilst the annual cycles of nature change very little, unfortunately our human world is now a very different place with a global pandemic filling all our thoughts and hanging over our lives like an angry black cloud.

With a second Welsh lockdown imminent and the weather forecast looking bleak, I headed out to the seafront to catch up with the starlings and spend an hour soaking up the last of the pleasant sunshine.

The starlings arrived right on cue although the numbers were still considerably low. It is not until the depths of winter that the flock swells to it’s full, spectacular potential as birds migrate from all over the UK and Northern Europe to their chosen roost site.

Whilst there was little in the way of any ‘sky dancing’ today, the evening’s activity did allow me to try out a new wide angle lens which has been gathering dust inside my camera bag for most of the year. The tiny 12-18mm focal range is limited yet perfect for capturing the action against dramatic skies, all I need now is more birds!

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2020

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