Kitten Diaries: kitten chaos!

It’s been a little while since my last update on the six hand reared kittens, and they have now all flown the nest and moved on to their next foster homes where they can continue to grow and thrive as they wait for their forever homes.

It was as always a sad farewell, but saying goodbye is always so much harder with the orphan kittens you have cherished and cared for so intensely over many weeks. Fortunately there was little time to dwell (or enjoy the peace and quiet!) before a new kitten arrived to occupy my time.

This new kitten turned out to be quite the conundrum and the first few weeks were filled with stress, worry and frustration. It was apparent that this kitten was not ‘normal’ and appeared very uncoordinated, with odd and often erratic behaviour. She also struggled to feed from a bottle with aspirating, and it wasn’t much easier using a bowl either!

After several vet visits we had still not come to a confident diagnosis as to what was causing these issues but it seems likely that either a problem at birth or shortly after may have resulted in the kitten being starved of oxygen and therefore caused a delay in her mental development. Alternatively she had suffered some sort of head trauma. Her future remained uncertain but we decided not to give up on this spirited little kitten and monitor her condition closely over the next few weeks to ty and determine her future.

As it turns out, this was one determined little kitten who had no intention of giving up on life and now a month later she made a quite remarkable recovery!

Her coordination is now vastly improved, and it needs to be as she is making up for lost time and now lives life at 100 miles an hour!

Far from the quiet, withdrawn kitten she once was ‘Smeagol’ now spends her days happily leaping off furniture, stalking me in doorways and running across my laptop as I try to work. Who said working from home was easy?!

It’s easy to see why we have fallen a little bit in love with her despite her flaws (and her sharp teeth and claws which she has no inhibitions about using!).

I don’t think she will ever be a ‘normal’ cat, and she’s certainly still an oddball, but she is also a laugh a minute and even quite affectionate when the mood suits her. Unfortunately she can’t stay here forever as we have no room for any more ‘failed fosters’ so she too will soon leave us for a permanent new home. I certainly won’t forget about her in a hurry…

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2020

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