Sighting: Bullfinch

After a couple of bitterly cold weeks, now it really is starting to feel like spring is just around the corner. With the sun shining bright yesterday I was keen to get out and explore a recently discovered ‘patch’, the Rhydyfelin cycle path. This short stretch of the Ystwyth trail may not sound like an obvious spot for wildlife, but rather like another of my favourite locations ‘plascrug avenue’, this narrow corridor of nature provides a vital habitat for numerous species of bird.

Despite the constant comings and goings of bicycles, walkers and dogs there is quite the abundance of birds here, and with a keen eye and just a little patience you can be rewarded with some great encounters.

The star attraction here for me is the beautiful and striking bullfinch, a bird that looks rather tropical and quite out of place in our British woodlands. It has always been one of my favourite birds but my visits so far had yielded only distant views or blurry photos through dense foliage. Today I struck lucky as this handsome chap posed perfectly on a branch a short distance away, the sun illuminating his unique buff pink chest feathers.

Is there a more beautiful bird? I don’t think so…

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2021

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