Impatiently waiting for Spring

The emergence of the snowdrops must certainly one of the seasonal highlights from the natural world. Each year the sight of these delicate yet hardy flowers dotting the countryside reminds me that the warm and welcome days of Spring are just around the corner.

It doesn’t feel much like that at the moment, as temperatures hover below zero and snow blankets much of the country. Fortunately near the coast we have escaped the white stuff…

Below are a selection of snowdrops photographed a couple of weeks ago in much more pleasant conditions beside my local lake. Hopefully it won’t be long now before the sunshine returns and spring really is in the air!

Snowdrops emerging beneath the trees growing beside Llanilar lake.
Snowdrops soaking up the sunshine
Fully opened snowdrops revealing their intricate inner petals!
Playing with depth of field

Photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2023

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