Early Insects

Another day and a brief window of sunshine meant another trip down to the local lakeside to admire the snowdrops before they disappear with the advance of Spring.

I took the macro lens for it’s first outing of the year in the hope of finding some early bees and pollinators. Fortunately I wasn’t disappointed and found a few hoverflies and bees darting among the white petals, taking advantage of this early glut of pollen.

Honeybee with orange pollen baskets on her legs
Fly dusted with pollen
Hoverfly clinging to a snowdrop petal
A tiny fly turned yellow from pollen
Honeybee foraging
Another fly cleaning it’s legs
Hoverfly searching for nectar
Honeybee with a fetching pair of orange socks!

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Photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2023

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