Five fluffy cygnets

I have now spent a few days watching the mute swan family from a frustrating distance, as they introduced their newly hatched cygnets to the territory but keeping their distance from my side of the river. Happily today they finally entered the harbour ‘gap’ and into range of my camera as the tide rose around them.

The parents with 4 of their 5 cygnets
Calling for mother
Feeding on vegetation
Cygnet trio
Cygnet at least than 1 week old



The conditions for photographing the cygnets on this particular day were superb, with bright blue skies reflecting on the water and the cygnets’ eyes sparkling in the late afternoon light.


Side by side

Is there anything cuter than baby swans? I don’t think so!

Eyes sparkling in the sunshine


Tucking into the floating seaweed
Cygnet with a blade of grass in it’s beak

Thankfully all five fluffy cygnets are still alive and appear to be thriving under the protection and care of their parents. The parents do not actively feed their young, but guide them towards food and bring it to within easy reach.

Dabbling beside one of the huge adults
Parent gathering food for the cygnets
Eating from a floating raft of seaweed


Beautiful colours down on the water
Adult female keeping her eye on me

Sadly it looks as though the Canada Goose that has lived alongside the swans for the last couple of years has either been driven away or migrated to a new territory, the last time it was sighted was around January time, but you never know, it may yet be back!

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