Spring Freeze

It is now the beginning of March with the promise of Spring just around the corner, but you could be forgiven for thinking we are still in the very depths of winter, with temperatures plummeting into sub zero figures and snow and ice covering much of the country.

Whilst times are tough for us, with travel disruption, bitter cold, biting winds (and in my case a broken boiler!) spare a thought for the wildlife and birds that are struggling to cling on to survival in these harsh conditions.

So far here on the mid Wales coast we have escaped the worst of the weather, with only a light dusting of snow to contend with. Last night’s blizzard rattled the windows throughout the night but the gales have fortunately meant that most of the falling snow has simply blown away, the ground however still remains stubbornly frozen as it has been for several days.

A carrion crow on the frozen ice sheets at the edge of the harbour

Birds face a particular struggle in such wintery conditions, with water sources frozen leaving them unable to drink and bathe, and their usual food buried deep under snow and ice. Sadly many birds won’t survive these tough conditions with small birds in particular simply unable to survive the cold nights without enough fat reserves gained during daylight hours.

Now more than ever it is important to do your bit for your local wildlife, Ensure your feeders are well stocked with high calorie food and keep your bird baths and water sources free from ice wherever possible.

I have been doing my bit by scattering some extra food for the crows and pigeons living around the harbour. Even the large Herring Gulls have been gathered what extra food they can, with their usual diet of earthworms inaccessible in the frozen earth. This has also given me the opportunity to capture some images of the birds in these frosty scenes.








Herring Gull:


Carrion Crow:












All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2018 ©

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