Sighting: Wren

The wren is the most common breeding bird in the UK with an estimated 8.5 million birds. Unsurprisingly then, you can find wrens just about anywhere from farms and woodlands to our gardens and urban spaces.

I last saw a wren down in the harbour ‘gap’ a few years ago, but after several months this bird sadly disappeared. Now it appears a new bird has moved in and it’s song can  regularly be heard echoing off the concrete walls as the wren loudly declares it’s territory. The wren is Britain’s second smallest bird (rivalled only by the goldcrest) but for something so small it is surprisingly loud!

Today after a few failed attempts I was thrilled to finally get some close up shots of this wren, as it hopped in and around the moored boats in search of it’s insect prey.


By using the hull of the boat to conceal myself I was able to sneak closer to the bird and peep over the top to get a few images before it flitted away.

I am particularly pleased with this first shot as the wren strikes the classic tail up pose and it is probably my best wren photo to date!




Now that’s just rude!


All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography ©

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