Murmuration Calendars now available!

One of the few positives of last year’s lockdown was the opportunity to dedicate much more time than usual to photography, in particular documenting the annual spectacle of our starling murmurations here in Aberystwyth.

Wrapped up warm capturing the murmurations (c) Copyright D A Jones.

Over the winter I spent many evenings stood shivering on a windy jetty, or huddled on the beach beneath, eagerly awaiting the arrival of the starling flock as the sun began to set. My efforts were rewarded with hundreds of photographs and some truly memorable encounters, particularly when attacking birds of prey added more excitement and drama to the event.

I had gathered quite the collection of images over the season and have a few plans in the pipeline of how to showcase this project, an exhibition, a photo book perhaps? In the meantime you can now enjoy 12 of my favourites which I have compiled into a vibrant, unique calendar for 2022.

Calendars are produced by My Local Calendar company, a platform for photographers to share high quality calendars showcasing the best of their local area.

Calendars are double A4 sized wire bound, that open out to an A3 size for display. Professionally printed on high quality 250gsm silk card stock and supplied in a recyclable polypropylene bag.

You can get your copy now by clicking the link below, or you can contact me direct!

Aberystwyth Starling Murmurations Calendar 2022

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography ©

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  1. Michael Sammut says:

    A spectacular phenomenon of nature. I am awed everytime I watch it.


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