Pigeon Appreciation

Today is Pigeon Appreciation Day and what better time to post about my own love and admiration for these often misunderstood creatures.

Love them or hate them, pigeons are here to stay. These highly intelligent adaptable birds have seen a population explosion in our towns and cities, thanks to an abundance of food, relative safety from predators and plenty of nooks and crannies to nest in and raise their young.

Pigeons are often considered a pest and a nuisance, blamed for spreading dirt and disease. This reputation is both unfair and unfounded, as you are no more likely to pick up an illness from contact with these birds than your own domestic pets.

Let’s not forget that pigeons were also once unlikely war heroes, transporting vital messages across enemy lines, often losing their own lives in the process.

Whilst today’s urban pigeons may not be saving lives, there is still much more to these birds than meets the eye. They are highly successfully birds, incredible navigators and devoted partners and parents.

Since moving to the area a few years ago, I have grown very familiar and fond of a flock of pigeons, who have made a home around the harbour to the rear of my home. This particular flock consists of many varied and colourful individuals with unique patterns and personalities making them easy to identify.  You can read more about some of these individuals here.

I spend many mornings feeding these charming birds, enjoying a little peace and tranquillity in nature at the same time.

Having spent such a lot of time with the birds they are now very comfortable in my presence and have provided some wonderful opportunities to capture their behaviour over the years. 

Feeding ‘my’ flock
Getting up close and personal

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2018 ©

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