A furry find

It was a relatively quiet day today, with deep blue sky and dazzling sunshine but little in the way of bird activity or things to photograph. I was getting ready to call it a day and head home when a Jackdaw landing in the grass a short distance away caught my attention. It immediately began calling with their distinct loud ‘chack chack’ call, alerting a second bird onto the scene.

It soon became clear what all the excitement was about, as the pair began picking through the grass and gathering up tufts of short golden hair in their beaks, shed from one of the many dogs who frequent the area.

Jackdaw pair collecting nest material
Do you like my moustache?
One of the pair with fur gathered in it’s beak
Perching on a bench


A couple of days later the opportunistic Jackdaws returned to the spot in search of more cosy nesting material, and were not left disappointed.

With the relentless hot temperatures in recent weeks, our cat Cali has also been shedding lots of hair from her fluffy coat to beat the heat, and clumps can often be found outside rolling around like tiny tumbleweeds near her favourite sunning spots.

Jackdaw with a beak full of fur

Pinning the clumps of fur down with their feet, the Jackdaws would then tear it into more manageable pieces to gather in their beaks before flying off to their nests.

Ripping the fur into manageable size pieces


Perfect for a nice cosy nest

Jackdaws in the countryside are often seen plucking fur directly from the backs of animals such as cows and deer, thankfully that was not the case here!

Cali the cat, supplier of fur!

Cali with her mane of fur

All photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography 2018 ©

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