Starling watch resumes

After a dismal day full of driving rain and wind it looked like any hopes of a decent starling watch this evening were dashed. Fortunately as dusk approached the weather turned and a few tempting patches of blue sky began to appear. Heading out at the last minute, I arrived at the pier just in time to catch the first arrivals and my efforts were soon rewarded.

The starlings assembled in the now relatively clear skies above the imposing shadow of Aberystwyth’s Royal Pier. As more and more starlings gathered they merged into one large flock before putting on a brief display of shapeshifting.

Whilst these may not have been the breathtaking murmurations I have seen in previous years, they did offer a brief, tantalising glimpse of what I hope to capture as the season progresses and numbers continue to grow.


Photographs copyright of Claire Stott/Grey Feather Photography © 2022

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